HCS 8 Error: KAIC16036-E

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I came across an issue in Hitachi Command Suite (HCS) at work that I wanted to talk about in the hopes of helping out other admins who search for this error.

I am a storage administrator and am primarily responsible for Hitachi storage arrays.  While trying to balance our subscription rates in some of our DP pools using the “Migrate data wizard” or migration tool in the tiers section I encountered this.

The issue arises when you are asked to choose your migration targets and choose the “Create new DP volumes” option.

HCS: Migration Source

Everything is fine here

Then we go to choose our targets and get this: Error: Insufficient LDEV IDs are available. Delete 1 unnecessary volumes, or register LDEV IDs to the resource group. (KAIC16036-E)

HCS: Migration Target

The error in question: KAIC16036-E

If you’re like me and have potentially hundreds of volumes of varying sizes then creating them all individually in the target pool can be a daunting task, but is also a workaround for this

The solution?

The error KAIC16036-E displayed in [2. Migration Target] of the Migrate Data wizard When you click the [Next>] button in the [2. Migration Target] screen, the error message KAIC16036-E might be displayed even though there are sufficient LDEV IDs. If there are sufficient LDEV IDs, wait a while without changing anything, and then click the [Next>] button again. If the same error message KAIC16036-E is displayed, cancel the Migrate Data wizard, wait a while, and then retry the operation.

The above is supposedly in HCS 8.1.2 release notes.

So basically “wait a while”, and I”ve seen that waiting 3-5 minutes tends to work.  I”m assuming this is an issue with HCS 8 having some lag time when querying the array for a list of available LDEV IDs, but waiting does seem to work in my case at least.

HCS: Migration Pair

Disclaimer: I never encountered this issue when using HCS 7.  We are currently running Hitachi Command Suite 8 and as far as I know it is still an issue in the newest release of HCS 8.1.2

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