Another shot at blogging

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I decided to give blogging another try in attempts to catalog some some new experiences and projects I have going.  I also happen to be paying for the domain so I figure I might as well be using it.

Back when I was blogging semi consistently I was running things through Drupal.  I decided to do some experimenting with code and whatnot and “accidentally” nuked the site.  “Fear not!” I thought, “I have a backup!” (untested) and turns out it didn’t work.

I became very discouraged because I lost a few good posts about some troubleshooting articles I had written in the past and put the blogging thing on hold at that point.

I happened to be poking around and decided to take another look at the backup I had of my Drupal stuff and I managed to track down the raw html of the posts I had made deep inside some folders.

So here I am, back to try it again.  I will be posting some of the old posts I salvaged that I believe had some merit and will continue to post about some new work developments and projects I’ve started recently.

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